Are you missing out? Its not too late!

80 per cent of property investors aren’t maximising their claims. Investors who own income producing properties are eligible for significant taxation benefits. The Chief Executive

Suburb to watch: COLLINGWOOD

Collingwood is a suburb in the Yarra Region of Victoria. Collingwood has a population of 6,467 people and 63.13% of its occupants live in rental

How to find the best property manager

Whether you have one investment property or a multi-property portfolio it’s imperative that you get the most from your assets. This means staying on top

Are you at risk?

The Victorian Government has issued a safety alert for Pyrox Heritage and Vulcan Heritage heaters. Energy Safe Victoria is urging Victorians with either a Vulcan

Smoke Alarms – who is responsible?

In 1997 it was announced that every residential property in Victoria must have smoke alarms installed. How many smoke alarms required depends on the floor