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Our landlord portal is an online platform where you can access all of your property information and communicate directly with your property manager. Our landlord portal gives you the flexibility to have real time access to your information, whenever you need it!

View a quick status of your properties:
With the ability to keep all of your property information in one place, you can quickly view a snap shot of how much the current rent is, when the rent is due or even when the lease is due to expire.

Access ownership statements:
With the click of a button you can access statements and reports for any of your properties.

Communicate directly with your property manager:
Keep all of your conversations in one place with the ability to speak directly with your property manager through the online portal.

View invoices:
All invoices relating to your property saved in one place! You have access to view copies of all outgoings on your property.

Add and view maintenance requests:
Keep track on all maintenance requests, jobs and quotes every step of the way.
Click on the below link to see how this exciting online platform works:

Accessible on multiple devices, you will have the ability to view your properties information anytime, anywhere!

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