Selecting a Property Manager

Where to Start? Whether you’ve just purchased your first investment property, or your moving house and renting your old home out or whether you’re just not getting the service you need, finding a property manager in Melbourne can be challenging! There are many factors to consider when selecting a property management agency that will service

Pets and Properties

Your Rights According to the RSPCA, 62% of households own pets – which equates to around 24 million pets. It’s estimated that over 30% of Australian currently rent which means every 2 in 3 rental properties will have pets. So, when it comes to owning a pet and renting a house in Australia, particularly in

Minimising your risk – its all about being compliant

Upon entering into a new lease agreement, your property manager will need to ensure that your lease complies with current legislation that affects all rental properties. Today there are a growing number of compliance issues that need to be addressed before entering into a lease agreement, some of which have not affected lease agreements before.

A Guide: Essentials for renting a property

At the beginning of a tenancy • read and sign your ‘Residential Tenancy Agreement’ form • keep a copy of anything you sign • seek advice if you have a tenancy issue or question • check that your new home is completely safe • complete a ‘Condition Report’ if you have paid a bond –

Tenant profiles are changing

Statistics recently released show that the profile of a typical tenant is a female aged between 35-49 who earns above $50,000 per annum. The statistics also show that less than 30% of tenants looking to rent a property today are men. The study undertaken by website portal revealed that less than 17% of prospective

Vacancy can be Value Add Time

A property that is about to become vacant can be a great opportunity for a property investor to determine if they can add capital value to their investment property and achieve a higher rent and attract a long term tenant. Ask our team about the most cost-effective improvements that can be made to your property