Do you realise what your property is worth in today’s market?

Sales values have moved rapidly in recent times. Not knowing the value of your investment property could be costing you money and the opportunity to expand your property investment portfolio. Are you aware of the equity that you have in your investment property which you might be able to use to buy another property? We

The importance of landlord insurance

Now is the time to check the extent of insurance cover that you have on your investment property. Things to check are the extent of cover, does your policy include building, contents (in the case of a unit), legal liability, loss of rent and malicious damage? It is wise to insure your investment in the

Reaping the benefits of renewing your tenants lease

Ensuring a continued tenancy is paramount in order for you to budget for regular and ongoing rental income. Not only this, but a tenant on a fixed term lease on an ongoing basis means more income as the property will not become vacant or suffer additional wear and tear through the tenant vacating and a

Top Tips for Avoiding Landlord Insurance Pitfalls

Landlord insurance is vital for every property investor. Just like building insurance covers you for the unexpected, landlord insurance also covers you against unexpected loss like rent default and malicious damage. However not every landlord insurance policy available performs the same way and in fact there can be several pitfalls you need to be aware

Top 5 Rental Property Improvements That Pay Off!

Want to achieve a higher weekly return and attract better quality tenants? These simple and cost effective improvements will give you the biggest return on your investment! As with any financial transaction there are 3 key considerations – time, money and risk.Improving the property will reduce your exposure to a high risk tenant. A better