Suburb to watch: HEIDELBERG

Only 15 km north-east of Melbourne’s central business district, Heidelberg is one of Melbourne’s most contrasting Suburbs. House Report: Giving property investors a a stable capital gain of 11.60% for the last year, Heidelberg, 3084 is the 1260th highest performer in Australia in this respect.When looking at the potential capital gains offered to property investors

Suburb to watch: YARRAVILLE

Mix the best bits of a dynamic inner-city neighbourhood with a village vibe and you get Yarraville, just 10 kilometres from Melbourne’s CBD but a world away when it comes to pace and atmosphere. House Report: Investment property in Yarraville has done well for investors when compared to the country as a whole over the

Have you found your investment property – How do you choose a property manager?

Once you have found the investment property that you intend to purchase, there are a few important things that should be at the top of mind for every property investor. When thinking of appointing a property manager to manage your property, many property investors initially think that fee is the first and main thing to

Suburb to watch: BRUNSWICK

Only 4km’s from Melbourne’s CBD, the multicultural hub of Brunswick is home to the hipster, but the intercontinental feeling is not House Report: With a capital gain of 22.94% for the last 12 months, Brunswick, 3056 has performed for property investments than its average annual 9.71% property growth over the last 5 years. Over the

Are houses a better investment than units?

Ask anyone and there will always be a huge argument about whether houses or units are better investments because a lot of people think that houses are superior to units and vice versa. But to me, it’s not about which is the best dwelling type, it’s about which one is the right property for you.In

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