How to Make Your Property Compliant Under Victoria’s Minimum Rental Standards

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The Victorian Government has recently launched an awareness campaign aimed at reinforcing the minimum rental standards. 

For property owners, complying with the minimal rental standards is a must and there are hefty fines and penalties if you don’t. Whilst it might seem an arduous task, making sure you address all of the minimum standards is really a win for you as well as the renter. For the property owner, a well-maintained property can save money on future upkeep and repairs, add value to the property, and potentially help retain long-term renter. For the renter, it means they have a safe and comfortable home.


At Living Melbourne we assist our rental providers in keeping compliant with regular updates and reminders when inspections are due and if any actions are required at the property. We also assist with arranging inspections and works as required. But it is still important that you are aware of the standards and ensure your property meets them.


While your property likely already meets most, if not all, of the minimum standards, here is a summary of what you need to make sure is covered in your rental property:



All bathrooms must have a wash basin as well and a shower and/or bath. The shower head is to have a 3-star water rating as a minimum.


Electrical Safety 

All properties must have a modern switchboard and have electrical safety switches and circuit breakers installed. A licensed electrician must be engaged to inspect and carry out any works.



Main living areas must have a fixed heater in good working order. For rental agreements after 29 March 2023, it must be an energy efficient heater.



Kitchens must have a dedicated food preparation and cooking area, with a sink connected to hot and cold water. It must have a stovetop cooker that has two or more burners and is in good working order.



If a laundry is part of the property, it must be connected to both hot and cold water.



All rooms must have access to light – both natural and artificial. 



External entry doors must have deadlocks.


Mould and Damp

All rooms must have no mould or damp resulting from the building structure.


Structural soundness

The property must be structurally sound and weatherproof.



All toilets must be in good working order and connected to a suitable sewage system. The toilet must be in a separate room (can be combined with a bathroom/laundry).



All rooms must have adequate ventilation, particularly in the bathroom, shower, toilet and laundry.


Vermin proof bins

Landlords must supply a rubbish and a recycling bin that are vermin proof. This can be either those provided by the council, or vermin proof alternatives that meet collection standards.


Window Coverings

Rooms to be used as bedrooms or living areas must have curtains or blinds that provide privacy, block light and can be closed.



All openable windows must have latches to keep them secure from external entry and must be able to be left open or closed.


Depending on the type of property you have, there are some exclusions or variations. Overall however, failing to adhere to these regulations can see you fined significantly and subject to legal ramifications.


For more information on how to keep your property compliant with these minimum rental standards, reach out to or you can go to Consumer Affairs Victoria’s website for more details.


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