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The Victorian Government has issued a safety alert for Pyrox Heritage and Vulcan Heritage heaters. Energy Safe Victoria is urging Victorians with either a Vulcan Heritage or a Pyrox Heritage gas heater in their home not to use them until they are tested by a qualified gasfitter.

Tests have shown that these brands can produce too much carbon monoxide, particularly if used in conjunction with exhaust fans and rangehoods.

Paul Fearon, Victoria’s Director of Energy Safety, said both the Pyrox and Vulcan brands of the Heritage heater produce high levels of carbon monoxide under certain conditions.

“If the house is well sealed and the heater is operating at the same time as a kitchen or bathroom exhaust fan, carbon monoxide from the heater can be drawn into living areas,” he said.

So what should you do?

As advised by Energy Safe Victoria, if you have one of these heaters don’t use it until it has been checked by a qualified gas fitter. Whether in your home or in your investment property, Living Melbourne can assist you with qualified tradesman to test and asses the heater and other gas appliances in your home.

For further information, please see the link below for Energy Safe Victoria or feel free to contact our team today.

The Victorian Government has issued a safety alert for Vulcan Heritage and Pyrox Heritage gas heaters

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